Terms & Conditions

The FansInstant users agree the terms of using this website. There is no responsibility taken for consequences that occur with the use of FansInstant. Users completely agree with the conditions of using this website on their own risks. All the rights are reserved and FansInstant can modify and change the terms and conditions as per needs. It is suggested that to check out T&C regularly and you must check it out before the purchase of services. Even the T&C can be deleted and completely modified. It can be done without giving any notice to customers. In case, a customer has any complain with the terms of use then he/she can complain regarding the violation at [email protected].

1. Cancelation policies

FansInstant has the right to delete any account at any time in case terms are violated. It can be done without any notice. Any type of abuse regarding our terms of services, privacy policy, or with the staff is not tolerable. The account of such customers will be suspended without notice. Even customer can cancel the use of services at any time and it can be done with the help of cancellation requites. You can send the request to service support department. The purchases on FansInstant are termed as final and there is no refund given. In case, you are not satisfied with the services, you can contact us and tell us the reason behind this issue.

2. Network and System Abuse

There are no chances that FansInstant will allow you to abuse network and system abuse and it is totally prohibited. Any unauthorized access to data, system and network are termed as abuse and it is not permitted to anyone except the website team members. Any breach in security is not allowed and we reserve the right to kick such accounts out of this website. In case, someone is found flooding or mail bombing the websites email won’t be accepted.

3. Destructive Activities

FansInstant totally prohibit the right of sending viruses, Trojan horses, flooding and mail bombing on our email and website. The denial of services that is destructive to our website is not accepted and it is treated as harm to our website. If you are found behind such activities, you won’t be able to use the services and you will be kicked out. You are not allowed to do any activity that can cause issues related to the services. Any interfere with the services, system and FansInstant is totally forbidden and no one has the right to do it.

4. Price Of Services

All our services are available at fixed prices and the price you have paid for any service won’t increase. However, FansInstant has the right to change price for services in the future and it can be done any time without any notice. The pricelist on the FansInstant will change also. The right to change amount of resources are given to any plan.

5. Back up of data

FansInstant do not take any responsibility for the data such as your files, photos and other things residing on your account. Users are agreeing to the terms and they are responsible for the loss of data. They should focus on the maintenance of back up and store the data in their PC. The data is stored on the server of FansInstant and we do automatic back up. But, we are not taking the responsibility because the backups are done on Sunday so we don’t have the live back up of data.

In case, the website domain name or the account renew, it is your responsibility to inform and an account can be renewed 30 days before expiry. Your possibility is to provide the working email account and stay updated with the important details. Every user should log in his/her account on daily basis to ensure that they can check out the notice and other alerts time to time.

The account fees is required in the advance before the actual term. FansInstant will charge you 15% fees or RS. 250. We will consider the fees whichever is higher as the late fee. Make sure that you renew the account before it expire to avoid getting into any issue.

6. Change in Terms and Conditions

The TOS and AUP of FansInstant can be revised any time and without notice. FansInstant is reserving all the rights and if you are going to buy any service plan then make sure to check out terms, privacy policy and refund policies. It is your responsibility to check out all the terms and if you face any issue in future then it is due to your ignorance. In case, you haven’t read the terms then we are considering it as your acceptance.

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